Non-Divine Female Figures in Medieval Temples - By Rekha Rao - July 6, 2024


The sculptures of non-divine females in Indian temples reflect women's rich and diverse roles over the ages, highlighting their presence in the cultural, spiritual, and secular realms. Celebrated as models of beauty and fertility, these female figures were an integral part of Indian temple architecture. In her Talk "Representation of Non Divine Female Figures in Medieval Temples", Rekha Rao showcases some stunning images of such female figures in medieval temples, emphasizing not only aspects of their social status but also the artistic excellence of their depiction. About The Speaker: Rekha Rao, holds a master’s degree in Indology from the University of Mysore. In 2000, she took up independent research work in Indology under Dr. S.R. Rao, former Deputy Director-General of the Archaeological Survey of India. Her interest in temple sculptures has led her to study various temples in India and abroad, focusing on sculptures of Apsarases. Her other interests are Buddhist architecture, and deciphering Indus Seals symbols. Ms Rao has authored 16 books and numerous journal articles. Her works, published in renowned international publications as well on online sites, have not only enriched academic discourse but also made her expertise accessible to a wider audience, reflecting her commitment to sharing knowledge. She has also delivered lectures at various universities and institutions. Rekha Rao is also an accomplished classical dancer.

THT IndoFest 2024 Day 6: Harappan Civlization. June 15, 2024. Dr Jeewan S Kharakwal. Dr D P Sharma

About The Speakers:

Dr Jeewan Singh Kharakwal heads the Department of Archaeology and is also the Director of Sahitya Sansthan, JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Udaipur, Rajasthan.  Dr Kharakwal received his Ph. D from Deccan College, Pune, on the Archaeology of Central  Himalayan Region. He has participated in a number of archaeological excavations ranging from Stone Age to Iron Age in Karnataka, Maharashtra, M.P. , Gujarat and Uttarakhand. He spearheaded a multidisciplinary Indo-Japanese archaeological research project at Kanmer, a Harappan site in Kachchh, Gujarat 2005 to 2012.  He has co-authored three books  besides publishing 60 papers in various journals published from Asia and Europe. 

Dr. D.P. Sharma is an Archaeologist, Museologist and Art Historian. He did his M.A. in Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology from Allahabad University and D.Phil from University of Allahabad. He was awarded a commonwealth scholarship and qualified for M.A. Archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology University of London. He did excavations at Sussex (U.K.) and Pincenvent (France) under Dr. Mark Newcomer and Prof. Gourhan. During 2003-04. He did excavation at Sterkfontein cave in South Africa, under R.J. Clark, where 3.3 M. old Australopithecus skeleton was discovered. From 1985 to 2005  was head of Harappan and prehistoric collection of National Museum, New Delhi. In 2005 became Associate Professor & H.O.D. Museology in National Museum Institute (Deemed University). Dr. Sharma has published 281 Papers/Lectures and 101 Books. He was working As Director in Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum of Banaras Hindu University and as visiting Professor of Archaeology in other Universities in India.