Digging Deep: Exploring Prehistory in Tamil Nady by Dr. Shanti Pappu and Dr. Kumar Akhilesh

Humans have inhabited the land we now call Tamil Nadu for well over a million years. Archaeologists who study prehistory continue to reveal fascinating facts about our earliest ancestors - the tools they used, the ways of their life and how they adapted to changes in the environment
Tamil Heritage Trust's Monthly Heritage Talk for February 2021 is titled "Digging Deep: Exploring Prehistory in Tamil Nadu".
Drawing on their own pioneering research at Attirampakkam and other sites in Tamil Nadu, Dr Shanti Pappu and Dr Kumar Akhilesh will trace the prehistory of Tamil Nadu, that dates back to more than a million years. They will share insights on how they approach prehistoric archaeology and how they study stone tools to explore the minds of ancient tool-makers. They also will explore questions related to prehistoric cultures, population migrations and changing technologies in this region.

Join us at 5.30 pm IST on Saturday, February 6, 2021. The talk will be in English.
To receive your link for the talk, please register at: bit.ly/THT-Prehistory