Maniam Selvan on Epoch-making artists of the previous generation

தமிழ் பாரம்பரியம்
(Tamil Heritage)
invite you and your friends to an illustrative talk on
Epoch-makers of the art world of the last generation, and my journey in their footsteps
Shri. Manian Selvan
at 5.30pm on November, 5th, 2011
at Vinobha Hall, Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya, T Nagar.
The Topic:
Five epoch makers dominated the art world of the last generation. S Rajam, a multi-faceted personality, represented the last and vanishing tribe who imbibed and exuded the Ajanta fragrance. Silpi brought to every home, temples and icons with his line sketches which most remember with veneration and nostalgia. Gopulu with his masterly strokes covered all facets of illustrative expressions, like colour compositions, caricatures, cartoons and jokes. K. Madhavan captured the contemporary fashion and practices vividly. Maniam left a deep impression on the public in many dimensions of the illustrative communication and made historical characters that he portrayed, living figures. The speaker, a consummate artist himself, will present the significant dimensions of the above artists, and how he imbibed the spirit of art from every one of the above epoch makers, and particularly, from his father, through representative selections of their work.

The Speaker:

Christened as Loganathan, the speaker is the son of the legendary artist Manian, and hence preferred to be known as his father's son, Manian Selvan, a name to be reckoned with in the field of illustration. He expresses through his creations a gamut of ideas drawn from the epics, history, religion, children's stories, social themes and also essays on varied subjects, all with equal dedication and commitment.

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