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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In appreciation of Chola murals - Commingling of emotions by PS Sriraman

The Tamil Heritage Group is proud to present two talks on the
The Chola Paintings in the Brihadisvara Temple in Tanjavur
By Thiru PS Sriraman
Talk 1: In appreciation of Chola murals - Commingling of emotions
On 2-5-09 (Saturday) at 5 PM

Talk 2 : In appreciation of Chola mural: A close look at the panel of Episodes from Sundarar's Life
On 6-6-09 (Saturday) at 5 PM
Both talks would be for about 60 minutes.
You and your friends are cordially invited.

On the talks
Talk 1: In appreciation of Chola murals - Commingling of emotions
Calambur Siavaramamurthi, succinctly captures the greatness of the Chola murals. “If expression has to be taken as the criterion, by which a great art has to be judged, it is here in abundance in these Chola paintings..". If Chola art is to be accepted as a great work of art, it needs to be seen by all. How many of us had the privilege to be allowed into the dark circumambulatory passage around the sanctum of the Brihadisvara temple, where the paintings are found? Perhaps very few. Of course, all could not be allowed in there due to paucity of space and delicate condition of the murals. Therefore, ASI launched a documentation project to photograph these murals so that an exact photographic reproductions can be kept on view. The task turned out to be a tough one with many challenges to surmount. This presentation will highlight how the task was accomplished and how now we are in a position to realise Sivaramaurthi's words are true.

Talk 2 In appreciation of Chola mural: A close look at the panel of Episodes from Sundarar's Life
This lecture will closely look at a panel which must have been cherished by the king himself. The choice reflects the desire of the king to be treated on par with Sundarar who is the cherished friend of the God. Even otherwise this panel throws out a plethora of information on the contemporary life. We will be looking cl0sely at this panel. 

About the speaker:
Thiru Sriraman has a post-graduation in Ancient History and Archaeology and a PG Diploma in Archaeology, and is presently an Assistant Superintending Archaeologist with the Archaeological Survey of India. He has rich experience in his field. He has conducted several excavations at Banahalli, a proto-historic site in Karnataka, Gingee, a medieval site and Mahabalipuram, an early historical site. He has explored several regions in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu leading to the discoveries of several important archaeological sites. He was instrumental in the reorganization of the sites museum at Lothal, a Harappa Civilization site, the Fort Museum, Fort St George Chennai including the new gallery on Prints.
He has conceived, designed and organised the Interpretation Centre at the Brihadisvara temple, Tanjavur and conceived, co-ordinated the Documentation of Chola Murals at Brihadisvara temple at Tanjavur and the Surface features at Kailasanatha temple, Kanchipuram.
Thiru Sriraman has published a number research papers in reputed journals, has designed and conceived several brochures and handouts for monuments of South India and is currently enganed in writing a book on Chola murals.