Silappadikaram -A Travel Epic

The Tamil Heritage Group

is proud to present a talk on
Silappadikaram -A Travel Epic
Thiru B.Sivakumar
on 1st   August (Saturday) 2009 at 05.30 pm
at  Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya Campus,
58 Venkatanarayana Road,
T.Nagar, Chennai 600 017

Kindy note the change in time:
The programme starts at 5-30 PM instead of 5-00 PM

Silappadikaram – A travel epic
Silappathikaram has been presented focussing on various dimensions like dance, drama, paintings, music and so on. Now, Siva Kumar is trying to bring this as a graphic novel. While working for this, he had gone through a journey along the places where the events in the epic took place. He explains it with the current images of the locations of the journey. Also he describes the way and need of making the graphic novel. The talk will be supported by visuals.
Thiru B.Sivakumar:
B.Sivakumar is a filmmaker, and has won prestigious Indian National Award and International Awards from London, New York, Canada for his short films. His work is focused on children and environment. Currently he is running an animation studio, working on animation movies and comics.
A. Annamalai: Gandhi Study Centre -; 94441-83198
Badri Seshadri: Kizhakku-p-padippakam -; 98840-66566
TK Tamachandran, IAS : TN Slum Clearance Board -; 99406-41144
S. Kannan: Bank of Baroda - 2498 5836)
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