Naval Mutiny - Narasiah and others

Tamil Paaramabariyam
(Tamil Heritage)
invite you and your friends to an Interactive Session honoring Sailors (and Heroes)
Mr. Amirapu Ramarao, Mr. Achanta Ramarao and Mr. Gabriel
Anchored by
Mr. Narasiah
at 5.30pm on the Gandhi Jayanthi Day (2nd October, 2010)
at Vinobha Hall, Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya, T Nagar.

1. Amirapu Ramarao: A senior marine engineer; trained in Dufferin in the early forties, went to sea and was in a ship which was sunk by the Japs off Cuttack; some survived by sheer grace of God; one among them being Ramarao, who was badly scorched by fire from the incendiary shell yet with determination swam to catch hold of a raft and reached shore after several hours of struggle. The Nurses when they saw him didnt believe that he would survive as he was badly scalded. They took him to a military hospital in Cuttack and later sent him back.  He continued to serve till he became Chief engineer, and later joined the South Indian Railway to take over as Marine Superintendent at Mandapam to look after the ferries of the Boat Mail.  His son also is a mariner Capt Suresh Amirapu.

2. Achanta Ramarao: A marine engineer, and also from T S Dufferin, served several years at sea. He is the son of the illustrious lady Rukmini Lakshimapathi! She encouraged him to go to sea when she herself was fighting the British and jailed! When she sent him she seems to have told him that as and when India becomes independent India would require specialists and therefore he should join Dufferin! He says he was saluting the Union Jack when she was in Vellore prison for defying the British!  Incidentally Capt Suresh amirapu has married Achanta Ramarao's daughter! They have more than a dozen mariners in the family of Orthodox Telugu Brahmins!

3. Mr Gabriel: A petty officer of the erstwhile Royal Indian Navy, joined the mutineers in 1946. The great Naval Mutiny which hastened the Independence of India. He was jailed in Vizag and when he was to be released, the authorities saw that he had a photograph of Gandhiji in his cell!   When asked to remove he refused and was asked to serve further 10 days in prison which he gladly did.

Aren't we proud of them!

Just imagine the bandicoots in the name of politicians, corrupt, spoiling the name of the country!

And we STILL HAVE SUCH PERSONALITIES  who we should salute on this occasion of the day of the occurrence of Gandhiji!

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