Two-day culture summer camp

On 27th and 28th May, Tamil Heritage Trust organized a summer camp for children in Chennai - ages ranging from 7 to 14. 25 children participated. There were six sessions in all: interactive sessions on scripts of the world, on coins of India, Mamallapuram as well as few Science experiments, Math, Tangrams and drawing and photography. There was a mini exhibition of how cameras evolved over the last 100 years with models displayed. Here are some photos: (ignore the background talking about மராட்டியர் கல்யாண மாலை!:-) More photos and possibly some videos will appear later.

All the participants

Prof. Swaminathan interacting with the children
Siva on 'Coins of the empires of India'
Chiselling a granite and a soap stone - which is easier?
Children attentive and ready to dive into Tangrams
A bird?
An inquiring mind
A delighted child or a future politician?
A section of the cameras on display