Iravatham Mahadevan’s contributions, MV Bhaskar, 2nd Feb 2019

Tamil Heritage Trust
"Iravatham Mahadevan’s contributions"
(ஐராவதம் மகாதேவனின் பங்களிப்புகள்)
a talk by MV Bhaskar
on 2nd February 2019, Saturday 5:30 PM at Arkay Convention Center,
146/3 R.H.Road, OMS Lakshana (Above Shah Electronics), Mylapore, Chennai

About the topic: 

Iravatham Mahadevan, a multi-faceted personality died at the age of 88 in November 2018. He was an IAS officer and after his retirement edited the popular Dinamani newspaper for a few years. But he is known for his contributions to two major areas of research. He was the pioneer in reading early Tamil inscriptions in the Brahmi script. His magnum opus,  ‘Early Tamil Epigraphy’ puts together all the known Brahmi Tamil epigraphs in one place and establishes the methodology to be followed in interpreting them. Equally important is his work in the field of interpreting the Indus seals. Starting from building a complete concordance of all the known symbols of the Indus seals, Iravatham Mahadevan went about unravelling what those symbols meant. To this day no one has successfully deciphered the Indus symbols, but Iravatham Mahadevan’s work may go a long way in helping the researchers.

The talk will cover the two major areas of Mahadevan’s research, Tamil epigraphy and Indus decipherment. In addition to describing the work done by Mahadevan, the talk will try to unravel Mahadevan’s research methodology.

About the speaker: 

MV Bhaskar is a CEO of a Chennai based AuthorCafe. His passion is in the space of conservation and documentation of art. He worked as a consultant and archivist for creating a digital archive of the murals of temples in Tamil Nadu. He had also worked as the Project Director for constructing a curated archive of all the Tamil Brahmi inscriptions identified and included by Iravatham Mahadevan in his book. In the process, he started working closely with Mahadevan and collaborated with him on a series of papers on the Indus script. He is the editor of the ‘Collected Papers on the Indus Script’ by Iravatham Mahadevan, a forthcoming publication.

MV Bhaskar had presented a talk on “Preservation and Documentation of Temple Murals” for the Tamil Heritage Trust, in September 2012. 

Entry for the event is absolutely FREE; No registration required. The event will also be available on LIVE. For further details, please visit &