Hampi: The Rise, The Glory and the Fall of Vijayanagar - Dr. Chitra Madhavan

Please note the event is postponed to Jan 9th @ 5:30 pm!

The battle of Talikota fought between the forces of the mighty Vijayanagar empire and the combined armies of the Deccan Sultanates was a watershed event in history, changing the political map of South India forever.  The battle was fought on January 23, 1565.
Tamil Heritage Trust's Monthly Heritage Talk for January 2021 takes us back to the heydays of Vijayanagar.
In her talk, Hampi: The Rise, The Glory and the Fall of Vijayanagar, popular historian Dr Chithra Madhavan, will trace the rapid rise of the Vijayanagar empire and then take us on a tour of Hampi, the capital, to show us the marvels of the religious and secular architecture of the period.  She will conclude with a summary of the factors that led to the battle of Talikota and the subsequent decline of one of India's greatest empires.
Join us at 5.30 pm on Saturday, January 9, 2021. The talk will be in English.
To receive your link for the talk, please register at: bit.ly/THT-Hampi 
With best wishes for a wonderful new year.
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