Rare Architectural Forms in Temples of Karnataka: Dr M S Krishna Murthy. May 1, 2021

Dr M S Krishna Murthy, former Professor and Chairman, Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Mysore, talks about some of the intriguing architectural forms found in the temples of Karnataka. These include vastu mandalas and vastu kumbhas, suspension roofs, Vrittaya shikaras, rare forms of Buddhist chaityas and many more. About Dr M S Krishna Murthy Dr Krishna Murthy, popularly known as Prof MSK, specialises in Indian Temple Architecture and Sculpture, Epigraphical studies and archaeological excavations of the early and medieval periods. He has written ten books, authored over a hundred scholarly papers and has been a guide for several PhD students. He has made numerous signal contributions to the field, especially in the excavation and interpretation of the site of Talakad. He has been instrumental in the discovery of many archaeological sites, artefacts and inscriptions which have led to the subsequent study and better understanding of the history of the region. Prof MSK serves on several academic Boards and Councils. www.tamilheritage.in www.facebook.com/TamilHeritageTrust