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Friday, January 3, 2014

The Dawn of Green Revolution and the Need of Brown Revolution, Dr. Arunkumar

தமிழ்ப் பாரம்பரியம்
(Tamil Heritage Trust)

The Dawn of Green Revolution and the Need of Brown Revolution 

Dr. Arunkumar
at 5.30pm on Saturday, January 4th, 2014
at Vinoba Hall, Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya, T Nagar.

About the Topic:
Green Revolution is generally referred to the “Rise of Agricultural Sciences to Feed all the Mouths”.  Norman Borlaug was the father of the green revolution he suggested to declare “Hunger as a Disease”.  However the debate or in-fact the rivalry between the “Organic farming community” and the "Inorganic farming community”  these days is raging beyond control.  Did the raise of the Agricultural science usher in the revolution required, immaterial of the colour given to is green, white or blue? Were the policies framed to implement the science and technology programs for the green revolution, planed and debated before implementing? Did the green revolution really meet its objectives?

Before answering those questions one of the most important questions needs to be answered.  Did “the world” really need a Green revolution?  We will have to trace back the history of development of agriculture (traditional of agriculture) and the science and technology developments associated with it and those that influenced the growth of Agriculture over a period. These informations form a great linkage on how our culture cantered around the food and nutrition of those days. Where food was used more and medicine was used less. It is such a irony that the current system and lifestyle uses medicines more and food less and yet the life expectancy is less.  Are we in the right direction so as to sustain living as human species? This talk will also address how the future systems and concepts of farming will address the challenges of ever-growing population and ever shrinking arable land and depleting water resources.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Arunkumar received his Ph.D in Biotechnology and did most of his research in Molecular Plant-Microbial interactions.  He started his career with Sakthi Soyas Ltd and did research at Bharathiar University.  He has contributed to more than 20 international research articles in journals and delivered more than 70 lectures in the domain of Biotechnology and Intellectual property Rights in reputed institutes including Bharathiar University, IIT-Chennai and MSSRF, Chennai.  He served NGM College, Pollachi for 7 years of which 5 years he lead the PG Department of Biotechnology.

In 2006, he teamed up with two other Ph.D holders in incorporating a Limited Liability Company and named it BioAgeS innovations (p) Ltd.   He is also a partner of iVyukthi Asseters in which he offers services on Intellectual Asset Creation and Management Systems and Technology Transfer, Monetization and Commercialisation.   He is Passionate about conservation of Biodiversity and was a founding member of the Wild Wing Society.  He is also an active proponent of Global warming and Action group for Green House Gas (GHG) mitigation.

A. Annamalai: Gandhi Study Centre -; 94441-83198
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  1. Does Brown Revolution stands for Agricultural Sand/ Mud Revolution ?

    1. Reviving soil fertility is brown revolution.

    2. Yes! To be precise it refers to reviving soil fertility

    3. Reviving soil fertility is brown revolution.

  2. It was delightful to discover that Dr Arun was someone I had already met - he came with Kumaraguru College students, when some of us were guiding them around Mamallapuram!

    There was a long debate with several questions and disagreements after his presentation. Personally I disagree that with the speaker's contention that the Green Revolution was some kind of American / Western / corporate conspiracy with farmers as helpless victims. One of the followup questions was whether organic farming could sustain the size of populations, which was not answered. I believe that organic farming is incapable of feeding 7 billion people, artificial fertilizer and pesticides are essential to farming today. But top soil damage, water abuse or misuse, are major problems.

    I also believe there were several Green Revolutions, four in my count, with the fourth being about water management, dams, multipurpose projects etc. Dr Arun spoke about Haber-Bosch and Borlaug, but may not have considered Diesel-Benz. I was unaware of it until I read Matt Ridley's book The Rational Optimist : we often need someone like Ridley to point out the obvious. Anyway, his credentials, experience and credibility far outweigh my book-knowledge and internet learning, even if it is from well-credentialed experts.

    I have written about the other three green revolutions. The one on Borlaug is in Tamil -essays in English on Borlaug's contributions by MS Swaminathan, Bill Gates, ChandraBhan Prasad and others are available online. My other two blogs are in both Tamil and English. Here are my blog links:

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