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Friday, December 20, 2013

Tamil Heritage Pechchu Kachcheri 2013

Tamil Heritage Trust presents the third Pechchu Kachcheri series from 23-27 Dec 2013 at Centenary Hall, PS Higher Secondary School, Mylapore, Chennai 600004. The theme this time is "Srirangam". The lectures are all from 6 to 8 PM every day. Tea/Coffee will be served from 5.30 onwards.


Topic: History of the Srirangam Temple
Speaker: Dr. Chithra Madhavan


Topic: Plan and Architecture of the Srirangam Temple
Speaker: Roopmathi Anand


Topic: Sri Ramanuja
Speaker: S. Kannan


Topic:  Traditions of the Srirangam Temple from its inscriptions
Speaker:  K Sridaran


Topic:  Sriranga Gamanam, a selection of rituals, festivals, arayar sevai, etc.
Lec. Dem.:  Dr Swarnamalya Ganesh

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