Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age: A Success Story from Odisha. By Prateek Pattanaik. Jan 7, 2023

In January's Monthly Heritage Talk, THT brings you a young independent researcher who is boldly attempting to solve these issues. While many of Odisha's ancient traditions are still thriving, others, especially the intangible aspects, are critically endangered. Preserving the extant bank of traditional knowledge still alive with the last masters of a craft requires immediate and specialised documentation. Our speaker, Prateek Pattanaik, works on several projects to create digital documentation of vulnerable cultural practices of Odisha including performing arts and musical traditions to make cultural history more accessible and understandable and to preserve it for the future. 

In his Talk, "Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age: A Success Story from Odisha" Prateek Pattanaik will talk about some of his documentation projects, especially his efforts in documenting Odissi music in its myriad expressions. He will also share his experiences in leveraging technology to achieve this. Do join us at 5.30 pm IST on Saturday, January 7, 2023 for this event. The talk is in English. About the Speaker: Prateek Pattanaik is an independent researcher and an Odissi musician (vocalist and Binākāra), a disciple of Pt Guru Ramarao Patra. He has finished his Masters in Odia and Physics. He writes and talks on Odia culture and music with a special focus on the Jagannatha Temple of Puri. Prateek's projects include research and documentation of vulnerable cultural practices including performing arts, musical traditions, lesser known monuments, neglected languages and palm leaf manuscripts. As a trained musician, collecting & learning rare songs, tunes, ragas and techniques is his passion. In his "Odissi Project’, he is attempting to create high-quality video renditions by lesser-known artistes. The core of his work is to elevate the power of digital media and through them enhance awareness of and encourage more discussion around endangered traditions.