Indology Festival 2023: "Sagara Sangamam: India and the Sea"

India has a long and rich maritime history that dates back several millennia. As a country with a vast coastline, India has always been connected to the sea. The subcontinent was a hub of maritime trade, a key link between Asia in the East and the Middle East, Europe, and Africa in the West. Indian religions like Buddhism and Hinduism spread to Southeast Asia and beyond through maritime trade routes. India's cultural and artistic traditions such as temple-building and sculpture found their way to other parts of the world through maritime connections. The flourishing kingdoms and cities along India’s coast helped to shape our history in ways that still endure today.

THT Indology Festival 2023, "Sagara Sangamam: India and the Sea" sets out to explore and celebrate this diverse and vibrant history.
Over seven days, from June 5th to 11th, 2023, we bring you talks by fourteen distinguished historians, scholars and authors who will share their insights on the maritime history of India.

In #THTIndoFest2023, we will:
  • Learn about the maritime connections of the coastal settlements of the Harappan times
  • Find out how important India’s trading ports were to the Greco Romans in the first century CE.
  • Get a glimpse of the ship-building technologies of ancient and medieval India.
  • Understand how Buddhism and Hinduism crossed the seas to establish a foothold in South-East Asia
  • Marvel at the ingenuity and global reach of India’s traders from East Africa to Malacca
  • Investigate the epigraphic evidence for Rajendra Chola’s expeditions
  • Appreciate the commonalities and differences in the development of the maritime relations of different regions – Gujarat, Malabar, Bengal, Andhra, and Odisha
  • Rediscover the forgotten naval histories of the Marathas
  • Be surprised by the pirates of the Indian Ocean
Throughout we will encounter colourful and influential characters – Khachchi merchants, Buddhist monks, naval captains, Cambodian emperors, pirates and predators!
So, hop on board and join us as we explore these alluring waters with the guidance of expert navigators.
There are two Online Talks every day starting at 5.30 pm. And they are free to watch.
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See you at #THTIndoeFest2023!