The Art of Gandhara: Where the Greco Roman Meets the Indian by Dr Vinay Kumar. March 4, 2023

Ancient Gandhara, which was the area around the Peshawar basin in what is now northwest Pakistan, was home to a fascinating fusion of artistic styles - Hellenistic, Greco-Bactrian, West Asian, and Indian. Under the patronage of a succession of ruling dynasties, Gandharan art was produced from around the first century BC to almost the eighth century AD, reaching its pinnacle during the reign of the Kushanas. In his Talk, "The Art of Gandhara: Where the Greco-Roman Meets the Indian", Dr. Vinay Kumar will describe how the sculptors of Gandhara adapted forms, stylistic details, and decorative motifs from Classical Western art to Buddhist subjects and legends, thus creating one of the largest corpora of Buddhist art in South Asia. The Speaker: Dr Vinay Kumar holds an MA (Ancient Indian, History, Culture and Archaeology), MA (Archaeology and Heritage Management), Post-Graduate Diploma in Archaeology from Institute of Archaeology -ASI, and a PhD. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ancient Indian, History, Culture and Archaeology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He has worked as a Consultant and Assistant Archaeologist in the ASI and has participated in excavations at many ancient sites. He was also a Research Scholar at the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts. His areas of specialization include Field Archaeology, Art History, and Heritage Management. He is the recipient of several research grants and fellowships including from the National Museum of Korea. Dr. Kumar has published over forty-five research papers in reputed journals and authored four books including “West Asian and Hellenistic Elements in Indian Art”. A member of many national and international committees and societies, he is well-versed in Persian, German, Sanskrit, Oriya, Bangla, and Maithili languages.