Monthly Talk

Monthly Talk is the most important event around which all our other activities revolve.  It is usually delivered either by an amateur enthusiast or a dedicated professional.  The topics can range from various arts to culture.

Initially, when we started this 2008, among the speakers and topics were Dr Nagaswamy, renowned archaeologist on Hindu art in Southeast Asia, VP Dhananjayan, Bharatanatyam dancer on the Classical Arts and Human Heritage, Prof Baluswamy, Tamil professor on the Great Penance Sculpture of Mamallapuram, PS Sriraman, an archaeologist on the Tanjvaur Chola paintings,  Dr Vilayanur S Ramachandran, neurologist on Neurology and the Arts, VR Devika, educationist about Traditional Performing Arts in Education, Bhushavali fashion designer on Textiles in Ajanta paintings, Prof Swaminathan himself, first on Indian Music, then on Ajanta, historian KRA Narasiah on Researching for Alavai, and many others on a variety of topics. This series of monthly lectures has recently completed eleven years and is going strong in the Twelfth year.

The Monthly Talk is free for every one to attend.  Please fill out the contact form on the web page, and you will receive emails about our programs.